Wonderwash Group is a laundry service company that adapt one-stop service concept which is located in Malang. Besides paying attention to customers’ satisfaction, we are so concern to the products' quality and also various service so our satisfaction is customer's happiness.

Wonderwash group is a parent business for one stop laundry service which were begun in Malang. Our main service is giving the good quality laundry services that has a different concept from another laundry business. Nowadays, Wonderwash laundry has become the best laundry service in Malang and it growing to another city in Indonesia. Besides laundry service, Wonderwash Group has another related business brand and its purpose to the whole markets from laundry business in Indonesia for the entrepreneurs and the customers. As the leading market in laundry service and dry cleaning in Malang, Wonderwash grows rapidly to fulfil client needs and it will grow bigger to the whole area. Because of that, we need skilled employees to continue the future of the company so it will look fresher, more creative, skilled, and it always has dynamic ideas that give the contribution managing its business to reach the purpose of the future.

If you feel that you have the qualifications to share and get participated, we would be happy to give you a chance for it. You can see the position needed, try to register, and we will choose the best to get contributed with us.

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1 Customer Service - Wonderwash Style Malang Min. SMA
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