The development of entrepreneur in Indonesia is increasing happily. The early mindset from university graduates is job oriented has changed into business oriented and it is one of the factors to support the new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Additionally, the government supports it by making the programs called UKM and also the national company builds the franchise system that makes society, in this matter is intellectual ones, see the business as the main job.

However, the percentage of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still under 2% as the minimum average. It is still far from 7% owned by Singapore and Malaysia with 4%, Indonesia needs the bigger amount of entrepreneurs. The effect from minimum local entrepreneur makes the labor market is finally absorbed by another country that lacks of human resources. It is not surprising if many people choose to be Indonesia labor in another country such as Malaysia because the opportunity is larger than Indonesia.

For those who have a good intention in opening the job field for those who have little budgets, skilled people, business knowledge, and technologies don’t need to worry. Wonderwash group as one of the medium companies that has the strong position in laundry market Indonesia are ready to help the entrepreneur to own their business. With a proven system that has been managed fluently until now, also the high brand awareness in its market targets, being the franchisee is the right choice for you to start the independent business.

Why it has to be laundry business? As you know, handing over the clothes to the professional laundry services has become the trend for the urban society’s lifestyle. Their business in working area makes them don’t have the times to wash and iron their own clothes. They want to live practically, that is focusing on their jobs or other main activities, while another supporting activity like washing clothes are handed over to another service.

Besides that, laundry is a business that has a fast rotation and it can be said if the break event point of its business is short. Additionally, if it is supported with a strategic location in residential area, your laundry business will develop faster and you have the solid teamwork which is experienced in this business.

Wonderwash group provides the opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to be the part of a franchise business with low-cost finance and supported by the professional team and proven working system with positive reputation from customers, your business will grow faster and profitable.



Outside there, many laundry systems provide the franchise for society no matter the prices are. It can be low or high up to hundred thousand rupiahs. So why do you have to be a part of its franchise instead of another brand?

From the prices side, Wonderwash Laundry can be said competitive enough. The customers choose them because it offers the right prices based on the quality of washing. They use safe chemical ingredients that are not dangerous for the owner, it doesn’t create an allergic, it doesn’t make a potential of dangerous disease such as cancer, and eco-friendly. Another thing, Wonderwash Laundry has various service lines for a different product such as clothes, house tools, office stationery, until the buildings. By becoming its franchisee, it means you will have the wide market areas including the customers markets or corporate markets. Your costumers’ targets are not only the business to the consumer but also business to business.

Moreover, Wonderwash Laundry provides the service guarantee. If the result of washing is not good and the consumers are not satisfied, then it will rewash your clothes without asking fo additional payment. This is one of the special services which are given for the customers.

These are the services of Wonderwash Laundry:
*High-quality laundry.
*Express washing service.
*Pick up and delivery service.
*Use the high quality and modern machines.
*Use the best quality fragrances with good material.
*Use silica gel that has benefits for absorbing the humidity and remove the bad smell.
*Use premium quality and eco-friendly detergent.
*Clothes from one customer will be processed in one machine only without mixing it with another customer’s.
*Exclusive packaging.
*Complete service with the supports from many business lines from Wonderwash Group.
*Rewash guarantee if it is not based on the quality standard.
*Provide the member and agent system with terraced system.
*Computerized records using cloud software as the pioneer in Indonesia.



Wonderwash Laundry is a laundry company that has a professional management system in helping the franchisee to develop their own business. Besides the outlet concept and modern, fresh physical appearance, they provide cloud software on which is made by the company internal team. The function of this software is to make easier the note records, transaction, supervision, and reports making of the franchisee which is arranged based on the needs. The advantage of this tool is it can be accessed through online and real-time so it makes the franchisee’s life easier to do the supervision anywhere and anytime.

These are the advantages of being the franchisee of Wonderwash Laundry:

Low cost franchise
The initial cost is relatively low compared with another laundry so it will be easier for all layers of society to join as the franchisee.

Long term business
Laundry is the long live business and it has wide networks, moreover, the increase of middle-class society is high and it can be predicted to grow higher in five years ahead so it opens the new business market.

Fast moving business
Laundry is a fast moving business where money rotates fastly.

Franchise relationship management
It is supported by the main company to give the direction about strategic, promotion, consumer’s management and so on to the franchisee or investor.

Marketing strategy and business development
The main team will give the promotion way including the development of business to franchisee.

Modern concept laundry
The system is controlled by cloud software so the risk of lost and exchanged stuffs can be decreased into the number of zero.

Well adapted SOP
The SOP has been adapted and aplicated continually.

Professional team
The company is supported with professional human resources in managing the system.

Good quality detergent and chemical ingredients
They use the eco-friendly and safe chemical ingredients.

Fast BEP
The BEP is growing faster in short times for 1 or 2 years after the ideal omzet target has been filled.

Complete service
It has complete and various services such as laundry on kilos, shoes, helmet, dolls and so on. It also offers the additional services such as carpet washing, beds, and other house stuffs.