Laundry on Kilos

The term is similar to laundry on kilos at the other laundry services.


The difference is, it is not only measuring your clothes and then being converted into the WonderWash service.
It has the Standard of Procedure or SOP that has to be filled when accepting clothes from the customers.


These are the WonderWash SOP which has been proved in giving the satisfaction to hundred of customers:


When receiving clothes from customers, the team will take a note thoroughly from the amount, category, and also the kinds of material. After that, you can choose the washing services that are offered.


Sortir, marker, and labelling
After choosing, then the WonderWash team will sort and label the clothes based on the category. Here, your clothes will be sorted safely and under controlled.

Here, your clothes will be sorted safely and under controlled.


Stain removal
This is the process of stain removal that is attached on your clothes by using the eco-friendly chemical ingredients without damaging its material.


In the process of washing, WonderWash team will separate the clothes based on the washing label so the risk of damaging clothes will be zero. Including the colors, it doesn’t mix the easily drift clothes with another material.


After washing, the WonderWash team will do the rinsing process using the special liquid so the rest of chemical ingredients which are attached inside the clothes will be removed totally. It is something that makes your clothes are fresh.


This is the last process of washing by using the liquid touch to make the fibre soft and of course, the fragrance will be fresh.


WonderWash uses the high standard steam iron when smoothing your clothes.

The result, your clothes are not only neat and slippery, but also they are protected from the minor risk.


The neat clothes will be packed in an exclusive packaging and it would be given a fresh perfume so you will smell the fragrance when you receive it.


Quality control
To give you the optimal service, it provides the quality control team that will watch carefully the result from this washing process based on the WonderWash standard.


The clothes that passed the quality control will be put at the last step that is called storaging.

The delivery team will be ready to send it back.


Based on the procedures above, its Laundry on Kilos will not be just an ordinary laundry on kilos which is being measured based on the weight only.


WonderWash shows the quality, not only quantity.
It hands over your clothes in fresh, soft and bright condition.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning (On Pieces)

Dry cleaning is another service we offer at WonderWash. It involves cleaning process using non-water solvent.
It must be noted that dry cleaning does not necessarily refer to a purely dry process.
Instead, it makes use of minimum, if not zero, amount of water; that is what it is called “dry.”
Dry cleaning is the choice for fragile fabrics, which cannot stand ordinary or bulk washing. Clothes classified into this criterion include jackets, kebaya, silk, and other fragile and soft fabrics that need special treatment. 

Stay Away from The Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning process makes use of a harmful chemical substance, namely solvent that contains PCE or TCE, which is known to increase the risk for developing cancer. So, never do this treatment for your silk dress, jackets, or kebaya!

But, Why Do We Offer This Dry Cleaning Service?

We use special Non-PCE and non-TCE solvent, which we call Green Solvent from “Washing Factory“.
This is an environmentally friendly solvent and thus safe for your health.
Do not worry about the risk for developing life-threatening diseases, since the solvent is specially formulated to prevent harmful risks. Therefore, the dry cleaning process for your clothes are safe for health and environment.

So, do not hesitate to have your fragile and smooth clothes cleaned at WonderWash.
Our principle in business is risk-free – free from technical and non-technical risks, such as harmful chemical substances that may lead to life-threatening diseases.
The ingredients we use during the cleaning process are not only safe for the skin, but also for the whole body.

Linen, Doll Expert & Shoes Cleaners

Besides clothes, we offer washing service for non-clothing daily stuffs.
The following are our services:



This is a special service for those who want to have household stuffs clean and perfumed. They include bedding stuffs, bathroom stuffs, living room stuffs, dining room stuffs, and many more. At WonderWash, you can have bedcover, duper, towel, curtains, pillows, table mat, place mat, sofa pillow cases, and many other fabric stuffs washed and cleaned. You will get your household stuffs clean, fresh, hygienic, long-lasting, and free from any germs and harmful bacteria. 


Doll Expert

Your daughter may have so many dolls. Make sure that she treats and puts the dolls at the right place; otherwise, the dolls can bear bacteria that can harm your kid’s health. The risk for being exposed to the bacteria born by the dolls are increased when they are put at non-hygienic places.


WonderWash offers special services for doll washing without any risk for damage. Your daughter’s favorite dolls will look not only clean and clear but also safe and free from any bacteria and germs. Therefore, you do not need to feel worried when your daughters sleep with her ‘tiny friends.”


Shoe Cleaners

As a business that offers “one stop service,” WonderWash also offers shoe cleaning service. We have washed and clean thousand pairs of shoes in various models and materials, such as canvas, suede, sneakers, leathers, and nubuck. We commit to make your shoes last longer with proper cleaning process. We treat the shoes specially, using non-rinse method; instead, we use special premium shoe cleaning solution. So, instead of getting them polished, why don’t you send the shoes to WonderWash and let our team clean them professionally?


This is the pioneer in Malang – a service available only at WonderWash.


Henko Care offers special services for fashion stuffs and accessories, such as clutches, wallets, bags, belts, and many more. As other services under WonderWash Group, Henko Care offers premium services with “Repair, Renew, Recoloring” slogan. When using this service, you will have your fashion stuffs not only cleaned, but also recolored and repaired. Therefore, they will look as their new condition.


What Are the Services Offered at HENKO Care? 


Regular Clean

This feature offers special cleaning technique for upper and midsole. Regular Clean covers various shoe materials, such as textile, nylon, knit, mesh, canvas, sneakers, leathers, and suede. We clean various shoes from kids to adults’ shoes, and from flat shoes to high heels.

Expert Clean

Expert Clean covers comprehensive cleaning services for your fashion stuffs. It is more professional and covers all parts of the shoes, such as upper, midsole, outsole, and midsole. Stubborn dirt on the shoes, clutches, wallets, and bags is effectively removed. We clean fashion stuffs made of leathers, nylon, textile, and others.


Special Treatment for Special Stuffs (STSS)

This special service covers washing and maintenance for fashion products, such as bags (backpacks, postman bags, branded bags, sling bags, waist bags), snapback, trucker, and baseball caps.


Do you find the sole of your shoes torn or damaged? Some parts of your bags, wallets, or belts are detached from the place? Gluing/Repair service at WanderWash is the answer to repair and attach the loosen parts.


Unyellowing Package

The shoes generally get yellow and yellower with time. Return them white with Unyellowing service at WonderWash!



This is a special service to make your fashion products shine and protected from stubborn dirt. Moreover, we apply special lotion for leather fashion stuffs to make sure that they remain smooth and preserved. We clean accessories, such as wallets, belts, watch straps, shoes, and many more.



If Unyellowing service aims at returning the fashion products to their white color, Repainting aims at re-coloring your fashion products, thus making them look new and fresh. We repaint fashion products made of canvas, suede, and midsole.



Unlike Repainting, Recoloring aims at changing the color of your fashion products. We also recolor fashion stuffs made of canvas, midsole, and suede.


HENKO Care is a service provided by a professional and experienced team at WonderWash to make sure that your fashion products are clean and maintained with quality and excellent services in mind.

Smart Clean

This is a special service from WonderWash to the corporate market. is a business unit to clean the house and office a.k.a Home and Office cleaning.
Nowadays, the service is still available in around Malang city.


If another service focuses on clothing matters, the focuses on the non-clothes hygiene such as office, towering building mirror, house, and so on.
This service is managed professionally by experienced people in cleaning the buildings with the supports of safe and clean equipment.


What offers?


First, they use the modern tools to support the building cleaning.
Second, they use the eco-friendly chemical ingredients and unharmed for humans.
Beside that, it is supported by a professional team that has an experience in cleaning the office and homes.


These are the features of


Home Cleaning Expert
Set the sofas, spring beds, tables, chairs and others free from dust and stain also organizing the room so it will look elegant and kind. Office and home will look comfortable, healthy, and fresh.


Office cleaning expert
The service is keeping the hygiene of the office every day especially for the towering building mirrors with high standard and safety work.


Sanitizing the toilet
A toilet is the source of disease if it is not treated and cleaned oftenly. The dirt inside it will get through the toenails, lungs and direct touch. They use the special formula that can remove every crust using the safe disinfectant and it won’t harm the environmet, also it doesn’t make the ceramic layer damaged. The cleaning including bowl, wash basin, vanity area, shower, bath tub, wall, mirror area.


Carpets Laundries
Rugs in homes, mosques, offices can be cleaned with this service. The washing result of the is your rugs will be free from bad smell, humidity, and stain.


Deep cleaning
The special hygiene and treatment service for homes, apartment and office after renovating so it will look beautiful, cozy, and healthy.


Special cleaning and polish
This service is special for cleaning the parts of your homes that need certain skills such as polishing the marble and granite, tiles, toilet and so on.

Hourly & Days Services

If you have the problem like your clothes are dirty but it has to be worn on tomorrow morning?
Or you are worrying if the clothes are not cleaned fastly?


You don’t need to worry because we provide the express washing service without decreasing the quality of it.


So, if your clothes tonight need to be worn again on tomorrow morning, why don’t you try the "Hourly & Daily Services" by WonderWash without taking much time?

Pickup & Delivery Services

If you don’t have the time to deliver your dirty clothes to WonderWash?

Just call the Wonderwash service near your place and the team will pick up the clothes and send it back in clean and neat condition.


You can check the support page to call the close service area.


"Pickup & Delivery Service":

  • 11.00 AM – 08.00 PM.