Why Choose Us?

There are so many laundry services in your town, right?
But, do they meet all your needs regarding fast, clean, and efficient washing?
In case that you need overnight washing services and you want the clothes clean and perfumed in the following morning, is there any laundry services in your town to meet them?
Or, when you find that the washing is not optimum, and some parts of the clothes are damaged or torn because of the washing process, are they responsible for them?

Take it easy, WonderWash is the answer for any problems related to your clothes...

Why Us?
We provide the guarantee that your clothes are washed without taking much time and you get them at home in clean and neat condition.
Moreover, we offer after sale services, and these have been proved to invite repeated visitors to our outlets.
For Wonderwash, the customers are not only people who leave the clothes to be washed, but also best friends that the grievances should be heard and the solutions are given.

Perhaps you are often submitting the clothes to the laundry service.
If you are disappointed because it is not clean perfectly or damaged, and your complaint is answered by apologies, but you still use the service because it is cheap, the you have to move to Wonderwash.

We provide the 100% guarantee if your clothes are damages because of our mistakes.
Even if the result is still not optimal, we can rewash the clothes WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FEE and QUESTIONS.
Wonderwash doesn’t want you to be satisfied, it wants you to be very satisfied.

Price matters? You don’t need to worry! It won’t make you reach deeper inside your pocket. It is very friendly and affordable.

These are the services that are given to our customers:

Just drop your clothes to them and it will deliver the impressive appearance.

Wonderwash is not a laundry service, it is an appearance convenience.

If your clothes want to be picked up, simply just call the customer service (0341) 222 23 23