Our Company

The Urban life that requires practicality encourages the growth of businesses, which focuses on providing instant products and services. Laundry is one of the modern businesses that help the society to take care of domestic jobs; therefore, the homeowners can focus on their professional jobs. In urban society, particularly in business hubs, laundry is a common service that can be found almost in every settlement area and even on main roads. Even though many laundry businesses are tightly competing, every business actually has its own loyal customers. The opportunities of this business are still open wide, thanks to the significant growth of middle class as the main target of the laundry business.

WonderWash is a laundry business that is based in Malang City. Despite the similarity in business principles, the concept, and service offered by WonderWash is different from those of other businesses. Our concept in running the business is “Think Green.It means that we have a strong commitment that the business will not provide adverse impacts on the environment, because of waste or use of chemical substances that may harm humans and nature. We commit to providing positive social impacts up on the surrounding environment.

Our Vision is "Not only Washing but Caring”, it means that we not only provide washing services but rather, we care for the environment.

1. Combining excellent services, facility comfort, and high-quality skills as a unity.
2. Providing impressive ‘self-experience’ for the customers.
3. Changing the society paradigm; laundry is not only washing but also dedicating from the deepest heart.

As a business that has been growing for the last two years, we realize the importance of integrated services for the customers as well as the business partners. Therefore, we build could software (www.laundrymanager.id), which helps in recording the transactions, production, and reporting all of the business activities (we are the pioneer in Indonesia), thus providing us with ease and comfort in serving the customers.

In social aspect, we collaborate with the owners of garbage bank for the program "Bayar Laundry dengan Sampah" (paying the laundry with garbage). The objectives are to encourage the community participation in preserving the environment and to provide the customers with domino effects, namely clean laundry and clean environment in a package. This is our first step to realize a great vision, namely, becoming a provider of laundry service that takes care of the natural sustainability.

If you want to support our vision, come join us and become our customers or business partners. Together, we can do something for the environment.