Our Other Brands

WonderWash Group has some different business lines, but we complement each other.

All of the businesses are designed to provide the customers with integrated services. This is what makes WonderWash Group different.


The following are our second-layer brands:


WASHING FACTORY (www.washingfactory.com)

This is the #1st provider of laundry tools and equipment in Indonesia. Our customers are laundry services and businesses that need supporting tools and devices for production process.


HENKO Care (www.henko.id)

Henko Care services include special fashion products, such as shoes, bags, belts, clutches, wallets, and many more.  We maintain not only usable stuffs, but also old and used stuffs to make them look new (renew). Using this services, the customers can have the old fashion stuffs recolored to make them look different and fresh. We name this business Henko with certain reason. Henko means changes, since the services include not only washing, but also changing the fashion stuffs to make them look new and impressive.


SMART CLEAN (www.smartclean.id)

This offers professional maintenance and cleaning services for home, office, business building, vertical building, and other areas that need special treatment and cleaning skills.


LAUNDRY MANAGER Cloud Apps (www.laundrymanager.id)

We apply a cloud-based system to facilitate us in transaction recording, production process, supervision, and reporting of all business activities, for both the customers and the partners (franchisee). This is a web-based application that can be operated using a personal computer or mobile phone. It is also a connected mobile app that can be downloaded by the customers.